Take the Hybrid Cloud Quiz!

Organizations are seeking a direct path to modern apps and the hybrid cloud. Managing disparate cloud environments is challenging. Only a few organizations have achieved consistent cloud management. Still, they understand that by tightly integrating compute, storage, networking, and virtualization with hyperconverged systems, they can enjoy cloud-like agility, scalability, and simplified IT management.

Take the Hybrid Cloud Quiz to establish what kind of buyer you are, and we’ll instantly deliver the most helpful content to help you achieve your hybrid cloud and hyperconverged infrastructure goals.

1. What is your biggest challenge operating a hybrid IT environment that includes both public cloud and private data center resources?

2. Which of the following best describes your organization’s approach to hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI)?

3. How would you describe the importance of modernizing with a hyperconverged infrastructure?

4. Do you consider your organization to be thriving when it comes to digital transformation?

5. How important is it for your organization to enable VM-centric operations?

6. What is your biggest challenge with consistent cloud management?

7. How will increasing cloud management consistency improve your business outcomes?

8. What challenges do you have with deploying hybrid clouds?

9. What are the key benefits of deploying VMWare Cloud Foundation vs. the do-it-yourself approach?

10. What would you most appreciate in a provider of hybrid cloud solutions?